when I shoot, nobody gets hurt

when I shoot, nobody gets hurt
Hey, how’s it goin’? I feel like I know you for years. I don’t? Aww… it felt so right.

In that case, I’m Nick Koudis, and I’m glad to meet you.

I’m a photographer, shooting in LA, with deep NYC roots. My work is over here. But my blog is right here. I don’t like calling it a blog, really. I’m not really a linear type of person. We’ve got some projects going on here, and I want to share them with you, so they have their own pages. Each project will grow like a little plant, then flower with the final image.
And I think (since I know you so well) that you’re coming here for
some inspiration. So I’m gonna give it to you. I’ll try and pepper my droll how-to’s with some creative challenges and thoughts to keep you fresh. “Because if you’re not fresh, you’re the opposite of fresh”. You can quote me on that.

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i will give my blood to babies for an espresso machine
Espresso is the life blood of my creative process. I give mine to get it.
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i am a walking gallery
- Or how I take credit for inventing assignment fine art.
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tanks for the flowers
Shortcuts are good. Especially when they're not corner cuts. Luxology's new lighting preset kit shortens my cuts, but doesn't cut my corners.
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i fought the sun and the sun lost
I shoot Mark Salling from Glee, and in the process discover RadioPoppers, an amazing new tool in my fight with light. Read more.
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a quiet breakthrough
I convert a 2D photo to 3D. The hard way. Sometimes the biggest human achievements go unnoticed. Not this one. Have a look.
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hit and run by an ambulance
Hey, what’s this? It’s another Ironic Death.
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drowning in the fountain of youth
The Ironic Death series is coming along nicely. Have a look. We're scouting for an old man.
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i love a sexy cup
I “review” Intelligentsia coffee. It’s a tad biased, because intelligentsia is f-cking amazing. Wow. I just got bleeped.
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what are your super powers?
I look at the things that we each can do that no one else can. Think about it and send me comments.